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A few testimonials from recent mentees:

"Anyone thinking about pulling the trigger on Greg's offer? Do it! I just had a call with Greg last night and he provided more value and time than I could have asked for. He spent literally 2 hours on the phone with me going over ways my business can thrive. He didn't sugar coat anything, he pointed out flaws but didn't end there, he gave actionable steps to get me to where I need to be. Well worth it and I'm sure it will be worth it for you as well."
- Gabriel Ramirez - Callateral

“Mr. Zen showed me exactly what steps I needed to take to get my business started correctly. It was so easy to understand everything he explained and he was super clear when answering all my many questions. whereas before I was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of purchasing books, going to seminars and webinars but making no progress finding something that really moved the needle for me. Now I understand what my customers want better and have created a much better offering than my original idea. I recommend Greg Zen to anyone just getting started!“
- Raj P. - KappaCity

"Greg is one hell of a badass #founder with one incredibly memorable mind. His style is like none I've seen on the market and it is so damn refreshing.

Greg shared his ideas, mindset, energy, vibe, style, grace, humility, and interests with me. And what I realized very quickly was how many relevant examples and stories Greg could add to every conversation we had. It was incredibly impressive and incredibly valuable.

If anyone out there is craving help with founder lifestyle, ideation/validation, finding customer channels, rapid "no-code" prototyping or MVP building, launching, or even design or user-research questions, Greg has been advising founders for over 10 years and has building businesses for over 25 years and can likely guide you wherever you are in your journey.

Book his brain now! This man is a rare gem."
- Maxine Cunningham - CEO, PickMyBrain

"I asked Greg for some help on my YC application and he provided a ton of value not only just on my application but also provided a good designer feedback on my landing pages and suggestions that definitely helped me along the way since I'm a solo founder. Greg is a great resource and I hope you all take advantage of this!"
- Nik Kotov - Frontline

"Great startup insights and strategic direction setting advice Greg! Thank you very much for the time, commitment, and resilience. For those who may need advice in the context of entrepreneurship, I highly recommend Greg Zen!"
- Washaya Washaya - AfterHome Inc.

"Greg is a seasoned vet in the tech scene who's an incredibly diverse thinker with deep experience. He has been around more stacks than most people will ever see, and offers incredibly earnest, high-quality guidance for new founders. Thanks Greg!"
- Craig Kahle - HackForGood

"Though I have met many experienced entrepreneurs, Greg offers a perspective you will not find anywhere else. Greg is improving the way entrepreneurs go about learning their specific path. Greg offered guidance for building and engaging with prospective early adopters. Thanks to Greg's advice, I will save a lot of time I planned to spend reading specific books since other educational resources are a better fit for my goals. Greg also provided great advice on tools to use for building and testing our prototype. Additionally, Greg delivered insight that helped my co-founder and I have a more effective mindset for getting started. I highly recommend Greg as a coach/advisor for early startups and I am grateful to have his support."
- Janine Marill - MarketPain

During the last few cohorts of YCombinator Startup School, I mentored over 200 startup founders and as I know the demand is great, I have decided to open up some of my time for a few mentees.

I am making very limited time available for ongoing mentorship or single-sessions. Generally, I can answer most of your startup, and small business questions within 24 hours. I also help founders with questions related to lifestyle and hacking your well-being/health for peak performance and/or burn-out recovery. Nutrition, fitness, supplementation, and wellness practices such as meditation and Kaizen and areas I am comfortable discussing.

To my core, I believe that entrepreneurs are the tip of the spear guiding humanity forward. So I choose to empower others to accelerate the advancement of humanity by enabling more everyday entrepreneurs and ideas today!

You can get a brief overview of my history at - Serial entrepreneur since the '90s with experience in pre-seed, funded, growth-stage, pre-IPO, IPO's, successful exits, mergers & acquisitions and more than couple failures.
On Deck fellow (ODNC1) and YCombinator Startup School Alumnus and mentor 2019 & 2020

Long history as a CxO in startups, and agencies, including as an Executive Creative Director.
Currently the founder of giving video creators the power to take control of their financial destinies.

Also, the founder of, where we empower online entrepreneurs with clarity of path via actionable guidance, vetted resources and continued support. My team and I are currently hard at work making steady progress building an academy for startup founders around the world.

VETERANS and Active Duty highly encouraged.

TOPICS I DO NOT COVER: Legal, some financial, Visas, Formation in the US for foreign startups. and please don't ask for introductions to investors on the first call. Otherwise, I'm game for almost any question you can throw at me.

Go ahead - Try me. 😁

What students say

"What I liked about Greg is that he provides straight to the point, no bullshit advises. One thing that stand out is that he very resourceful in tools, people and processes. A quality that is needed in every entrepreneur. Having said that, you have to find out yourself. "
Zhen Ming, October 2021
5 stars
"He is ~literally~ helping me achieve my dreams. Stop rolling your eyes, I'm being serious here. I am a first time female founder who embarked on this startup journey with 50% blind optimism....but also 50% caution. I asked Greg to give it to me straight - what am I in for in startup land? I had very little idea of what I was doing. I knew product. That was it. I had ideas - but those can only get you so far. Greg was the missing piece that grounded me and offered me down to earth guidance in business. His wisdom is backed by real life experience and fueled by his desire to HELP. I appreciate his honest feedback, his availability to being a sound board, and how generous he is with his expertise. He cares and wants to see mentees succeed. I can't begin to tell you how great of a dude he is, you just have to meet him. "
Amber, January 2022
5 stars

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