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Sr. UX Designer at American Express
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Having worked in UX, IxD, IA, SD, CX and BX for over 20 years, including last 2+ at American Express, I have a unique understanding of what is necessary to accelerate your UX training, improve user research skills, build a solid UX portfolio, prepare for UX/Product design job interviews, boost ...
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Sr. Product Manager at Bloomberg
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I'm Janet and I am a senior product manager at Bloomberg News. I am passionate about mentoring women in technology, especially those looking to enter the product space. I've worked with a broad set of experience levels from first time APMs to managers. Some common themes I can help with: ...
CTO at Just
I am a former corporate technology leader now scaling engineering at a startup. I am committed not only to getting the job done, but building high-quality software that users love, in an environment where people are enjoying themselves. This is harder than it sounds! I have a background in mathematics, ...
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Program Manager at IT Company
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Certified product & technical program management professional with proven experience in managing cross-functional projects facilitated by a thorough understanding of software development methodologies. Worked extensively on client facing roles and managed projects with strong focus on people, technology and high-quality results to meet business objectives. I love sharing my passions, ...

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Interview Preparation

Offered by Udit Gami

With over 8 years of experience across 6 different companies (Facebook, Epsilon, Slalom, American Express, IBM, Cybage) I've personally applied and been part of the job hunting process extensively. I'll ... Read More

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UX/Product Design Job Interview - Quick Prep

Offered by Marina Krutchinsky

None Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $99
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