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Co-Founder at Alpha AI | | Tripsero | LawDiktat
Research Scientist - AI , Technology Consultant , Legal Tech Initiatives , Startup Mentor
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My relationship with technology started way before I could comprehend the word ‘technology’. Being a curious child, my passion was always into breaking and re-building things. As I grew up, my penchant for innovation grew profound. As an AI Researcher and Software Developer, I worked on both industrial and academic …
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Deep Learning Solutions Architect at NVIDIA
Experienced Researcher and Data Scientist
Hi there! My name is Patricia and I'm a Deep Learning Solutions Architect at NVIDIA. I've been working as a researcher and data scientist for many years now, and have experience with a wide range of problems, including computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, facial recognition, seismic …
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Product Manager at Microsoft
Do you know that an honest and enthusiastic conversation in any interview can do wonders for you? I have tasted magical results based on my interesting conversations with the interviewers. Let's work together to crack the shell that you want to get out of! :) I am a Product Manager …
$180 / month
Founder at MentorCruise
Building sideprojects and bootstrapped businesses since '18
5.0 stars
5.0 (19 reviews)
Hey all 🤗 Thanks for stopping by here at I created this community of mentors! As the business has grown ever since its inception in 2018, I decided to take the leap to go full-time on this bootstrapped business and lead our small team to new heights. I offer …

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Being in the field of Machine Learning and Software Engineering for more than 5years I have interviewed more than 100 candidates. Thus, I am seasoned in doing mock interviews. Read More

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