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I’m Cam, a data architect with over 8 years of experience in the data + analytics field. My journey began in consulting, where I honed my skills and advanced to an architect role over five years. Seeking new horizons, I transitioned to tech, finding my calling at Databricks, where I’ve …

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Hello! Whether you're a recent graduate, aspiring to change roles, or seeking guidance to unlock your career aspirations, I offer personalized, paid for sessions tailored to your goals. A little bit about me, I'm a proud alum of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a degree in Systems Engineering and …

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As a self-taught software engineer and former Amazonian, I can relate to how important a mentor is to developing as an engineer. A good mentor has allowed me to progress my career tremendously fast and keep it fun while at it. Whether is was landing the first job, increasing my …

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With over a decade of experience in sales, business development, and marketing, I specialize in integrated marketing campaigns. My passion lies in driving positive change and sustainable outcomes for stakeholders, customers, and the environment. Having worked across EMEA and NA, I've gained insights into diverse cultures and markets, shaping my …

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With over 12 years entrenched in the world of software development, I've carved a niche as a Front End System Design Expert, helping professionals elevate their design proficiency and navigate intricate design challenges with clarity and confidence. My journey began as a scared junior dev and has since ascended to …

$150 / month
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Interview Preparation

Offered by Jeremy French

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Interview Preparation

Offered by Dylan Israel

🌐 Ready to ace your Front-End Developer interview? Join me, a seasoned interviewer with over 8 years of experience, for a mock interview session that will elevate your skills and … Read More

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Interview Preparation

Offered by Rana El Zein

I’ll be able to help you navigate behavioural and situational questions, in addition to case study questions. Read More

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Interview Preparation

Offered by Cameron Shotwell

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Practice with PwC interview questions

Get the inside scoop on current PwC interview questions. Prepare for your interview with a few select questions you might face.

How do you usually approach making tough decisions in the workplace?

Tough decisions are a part of any professional role, and I have a systematic approach to tackle them. Firstly, I make sure to gather as much information as I can about the situation. This includes understanding the context, assessing potential outcomes, and considering viewpoints of all stakeholders involved.

Once I have all the information, I typically analyze the potential implications of each possible decision. I weigh the pros and cons, consider the short-term and long-term impact, and how it aligns with the organization's objectives.

It's also valuable to seek advice or second opinions from mentors or colleagues. Their insights can offer a different perspective that could influence the decision. Of course, proper judgment is essential because every decision may not always please everyone, but focusing on the overall benefit to the organization is crucial.

Once I make the decision, I communicate it clearly to all relevant parties, explaining my rationale. Irrespective of whether the decision turns out to be right or wrong, I believe in taking responsibility and learning from the outcomes. This thought-out, responsible approach has served me well in handling tough decisions in the work environment.

What are your methods for staying organized and on task in a professional setting?

Staying organized in a professional setting is pivotal, particularly in a dynamic industry like finance. For this, I rely on a combination of digital tools and prioritization techniques.

I use project management tools like Asana and Trello to keep track of assignments and deadlines, manage my daily tasks, and maintain collaboration with my team. These tools allow me to break down larger tasks into manageable subtasks and keep a visual track of my progress, which fuels productivity.

Additionally, I use Google Calendar religiously to schedule meetings, set reminders for important deadlines and allocate time blocks for focused work.

As for prioritization, I tend to follow the Eisenhower Matrix – a method of categorizing tasks based on their urgency and importance. It helps me distinguish tasks that need immediate attention from those that can be scheduled for later or delegated, ensuring that my focus stays on what truly matters.

Lastly, while technology plays a huge role in keeping me organized, I also value the power of a clean workspace. So, I uphold the practice of decluttering my workspace regularly to have a clear mind and minimize distractions. These practices have helped me maintain high levels of organization, efficiency, and productivity in my professional roles.

Can you tell us about any experience you have with risk management?

In my prior role as a financial analyst, risk management was a significant part of my job responsibility. One notable experience revolves around a project wherein I was involved in analyzing the financial viability of a new venture that the company was considering.

My responsibility was to assess the financial risks involved, such as the projected return on investment, break-even point, and potential impacts on cash flow. In addition, I had to consider other risk factors such as market competition, regulatory environment, and operational complexities related to the venture.

To do this, I conducted a thorough risk assessment which involved quantitative methods using financial ratios and projections as well as qualitative assessments like SWOT and PESTLE analyses. Based on my assessment, I prepared a detailed risk report highlighting the potential financial and non-financial risks along with mitigation strategies for each identified risk.

The report was well-received by the management and they commended the comprehensive approach towards risk management adopted in it. This is reflective of my general approach to risk management - proactive identification, thorough evaluation, and devising effective strategies to mitigate them.

How would you handle a situation if you found your team to be demotivated?

Facing demotivation in a team is challenging, but not unusual. My first course of action would be to understand the root cause of the lack of motivation. This could involve one-on-one conversations with team members and an open group discussion where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts.

For instance, in my previous role, I noticed a significant drop in motivation and productivity within my team. Through individual conversations, I learned that the team felt overloaded with work and that they didn't have a clear understanding of the direction of their projects.

To address this, I held a team meeting where I shared the bigger picture, explaining the important role each of their tasks played in achieving the overall company goals. On realizing the importance of their work, the team felt more connected to the project.

Added to this, I revisited task allocation and introduced productivity measures to ease their workload, such as process automation and delegation. Recognizing their hard work regularly and organizing team activities to boost morale were also part of my strategy.

Over time, these steps resulted in improved motivation and productivity amongst team members. This underscores the importance of communication, clarity of goals and ensuring a balanced workload in maintaining team motivation.

Can you please describe your project management experience?

My project management experience spans over several years and multiple projects, typically involving financial analysis, reporting system implementation, and process improvement.

While working for my previous employer, a significant project I led involved the selection and implementation of a new financial software system. The project included setting the project scope, planning the schedule, coordinating with different teams including the IT department, vendors, and management.

During the implementation, I had to manage numerous tasks including overseeing data migration, system configurations, user training, and eventually, the changeover to the new system. Throughout, it was critical to keep all stakeholders updated and manage their expectations.

The project was successfully completed within the timeline and budget, due largely to diligent planning, clear communication with all stakeholders, and effective risk management. The experience honed my project management skills, especially in terms of leading cross-functional teams, managing resources, troubleshooting issues, and delivering results.

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