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Senior Machine Learning Product Lead at Samsung R&D
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Deepanshu Setia is working as Senior Machine Learning Product Lead at Samsung R&D with 5yr+ experience, where he leads Data Science team and manages product development, works on cutting edge technologies, and helps in mentoring aspiring data scientists. He is a creative problem solver with mastery in programming & machine …
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Sr. Growth Marketing Manager at Uber
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Hello there. Thank you for stopping by. I'm Gus, and my ride on Uber has been over 5 years. Here is a little bit of my career profile: I have built a successful career in marketing and growth positions for the past fifteen years. I became skilled in customer acquisition, …

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Being a Startup Founder, Springboard mentor, DataCamp Instructor and working as Senior ML Engineer at Samsung R&D and a past Deep Learning Researcher, I lead a strong team of data … Read More

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