Top Penetration Testing Courses to consider in 2024

Courses are a great way to deepen your understanding of a Penetration Testing. They are designed to be comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics. Here are the top 8 Penetration Testing courses to consider in 2024.

List of Penetration Testing Courses

Penetration Testing courses are plentiful and varied. Here are the top 8 Penetration Testing courses to consider in 2024.

SEC560: Enterprise Penetration Testing

SEC560 prepares you to conduct successful penetration testing for a modern enterprise, including on-premise systems, Azure, and Azure AD. You will learn the methodology and techniques used by real-world penetration testers in large organizations to identify and exploit vulnerabilities at scale and show real business risk to your organization. The course material is complemented with 30+ practical lab exercises concluding with an intensive, hands-on Capture-the-Flag exercise in which you will conduct a penetration test against a sample target organization and demonstrate the knowledge you h…

IBM: Penetration Testing and Incident Response

This course is suitable for individuals seeking a fundamental grasp of Cybersecurity or as the fifth installment in a series of courses to develop the skills essential for a career as a Cybersecurity Analyst.
During this course, you will delve into the various phases of penetration testing, learn about different data collection techniques for your penetration tests, and familiarize yourself with popular penetration testing tools. Additionally, the course covers incident response phases, essential documentation procedures, and the components of an incident response policy and team. You w…

Advanced Penetration Testing

The Advanced Penetration Testing course teaches the cyber attack lifecycle from the perspective of an adversary. Become more familiar with the most widely used penetration-testing tools, manipulate network traffic, and perform web application attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

API Pentesting for CEH

API (application programming interface) is a protocol that permits two applications or apps to connect and communicate with one another to use their services, software libraries, and databases. If you book a ride service today or look at your smartwatch to check your steps, you are using an API. Also, all the eye-catching dynamic content on the Web makes use of web APIs, the most common type of API. This is a very large and growing industry: Salesforce, a cloud-based software company, alone makes billions of US dollars every year by selling APIs.
This hands-on training course gives you …

TOTAL: CompTIA PenTest+ (Ethical Hacking) PT0-002 + 2 Tests

This course shows you how to:
Use the tools you’ll need to scan networks, crack passwords, analyze and intercept traffic, discover code vulnerabilities, and compromise resources
Recognize vulnerabilities within a system, run exploits, and suggest solutions to a client to remediate the weak points
Work within a virtual environment to practice your pen testing skills, including using Oracle VM manager, Kali Linux, Metasploitable, and DVWA
Scope, plan, and execute a pen test engagement from start to finish

Advanced Penetration Testing Online Training Course

The Advanced Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is an all-embracing course that expertly explains to optimize Kali Linux and its powerful tools for advanced wired and wireless networks. The course focuses to demonstrate advanced techniques to perform penetration testing. You learn to use Metasploit Framework and practices used in exploiting Windows and Unixplatforms. Vulnerability scanningforms an integral part of this comprehensive training and demonstrates how a system is targeted and exploited. The training also empowers you with detailed understanding of diverse post-exploitation tech…

Website Hacking / Penetration Testing

This course is highly practical but doesn't neglect the theory, we'll start with basics to teach you how websites work and install the needed software (on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OS). Then we'll start hacking straight away. You'll learn everything by example, by discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them to hack websites. No boring dry lectures
Before jumping into hacking, you'll first learn how to gather comprehensive information about the target website. Then the course is divided into a number of sections, each aims to teach you a common vulnerability f…

Active Directory Pentesting Full Course - Red Team Hacking

Most enterprise networks today are managed using Windows Active Directory and it is imperative for a security professional to understand the threats to the Windows infrastructure.
Active Directory Pretesting is designed to provide security professionals to understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment. The course is beginner friendly and comes with a walkthrough videos course and all documents with all the commands executed in the videos. The course is based on our years of experience of breaking Windows and AD environments and research.

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