Top React Courses to consider in 2024

Courses are a great way to deepen your understanding of a React. They are designed to be comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics. Here are the top 8 React courses to consider in 2024.

List of React Courses

React courses are plentiful and varied. Here are the top 8 React courses to consider in 2024.

React JS Tutorial

Learn React, an efficient JavaScript library, through this free React JS course that helps you build user interfaces hassle-free. In order to understand React, you must have some prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Thus, this React JS course starts by providing you with an overview of these languages. You will get introduced to the React library and go through its local setup. Further, you will understand the React app tool and the steps followed to create a React app. Lastly, you will go through the features of next-generation JavaScript and a hands-on session on React's…

React Class Component Fundamentals (Legacy)

This is recorded with an older version of React and many things have changed. The core concepts are still accurate, but there are some technical differences you’ll need to work through.
This course is an excellent overview of "legacy" React class component development.
React is a "javascript library for building user interfaces" from the fine folks at Facebook & Instagram. It strictly focuses on the "V" in your MVC applications, and touts a blazing fast virtual DOM diff implementation.
This series will explore the basic fundamentals of React to ge…

Modern React Tutorial

This course provides a complete introduction to React, the popular JavaScript library. It covers topics such as creating React applications, components, applying dynamic values, adding styles, click events, state, the React Dev tools, outputting lists, props, reusing components, functions as props, the useEffect hook, JSON server, fetching data, conditional loading message, custom hooks, the React Router, route parameters, controlled inputs, submission events, POST requests, programmatic redirects, and deleting data. Finally, the course covers 404 pages and next steps. With tutorials, exer…

Learn React

React (sometimes spelled React.js or ReactJS) is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries to develop powerful, interactive web applications. You’ll learn how to start with React and build up to dynamic user interfaces. You’ll work with React specific concepts like: JSX, components, state, props, hooks, and more. Take this course to gain an edge as a front-end or full-stack web developer

React.js Training Course

The main objective of this React Certification course is to help you become familiar with the process and gain the skills you'll need to become a professional React developer. You will learn the fundamentals of React through self-paced and instructor-led training to understand and build React components and structure applications with Redux.

React.js Training Course With Certification

Edureka’s React Certification Training will train you to build efficient React applications by mastering the concepts of React, Redux, and React Native. In this Advanced React Course, you will learn how to build simple components & integrate them into more complex design components. After completing this React online training, you will be able to build the applications using React concepts such as JSX, Redux, Asynchronous Programming using Redux-Saga middleware, Fetch data using GraphQL, perform Testing using Jest, successively Deploy applications using Nginx and Docker, plus build Mob…

Learn React

The ultimate React 101 - the perfect starting point for any React beginner. Learn the basics of modern React by solving 140+ interactive coding challenges and building eight fun projects.


React is completely transforming the Front-End Development landscape. Come master this powerful UI library, and learn career-ready skills with Udacity. You'll learn how to build declarative user interfaces for the web with React, and for iOS and Android with React Native. You'll also learn how to manage state more predictably in your applications with Redux.

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