Top Sales Courses to consider in 2024

Courses are a great way to deepen your understanding of a Sales. They are designed to be comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics. Here are the top 14 Sales courses to consider in 2024.

List of Sales Courses

Sales courses are plentiful and varied. Here are the top 14 Sales courses to consider in 2024.

The Road to Sales Engineering

In The Road to Sales Engineering, I will walk you step by step through the entire process of fixing up your resume all the way to negotiating your salary and accepting the deal. For the first 20 registrants, you will have weekly access to me as I help you with building your resume, practice interviews and demos, and learn from an experienced SE what Sales Engineering is so that you can get the job that you want.

Sales Engineering University

"This is not a traditional university, or school of any kind. I do a lot of teaching, but not for pay. I’m only trying to promote the Craft" said Pat Trainor - the author of The Sales Engineering University.

Business Development & B2B Sales for Startups- Sales Valley

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to develop more business relationships and generate more sales for your startup whether you’re already familiar with business development & sales or if you’re just getting started.

meSE Sales Engineer Certification Coursework

Sales Engineers (SE's) are a critical sales team member in many companies worldwide. They are more than just technical experts in their respective industries. Highly successful SE's must build and maintain parallel expertise in "soft-skill" disciplines such as business acumen, presentation skills, building customer relationships, developing an engagement strategy, and having a thorough understanding of the targeted industry. There is a "soft-skill gap" that exists in many Sales Engineering organizations. This "gap" can be the driving difference between…

Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

Looking to grow in sales? Want to make a lasting change? Then why not do something about it? Change the way your salespeople approach sales, and communicate one-to-one, in a group, in a meeting, presenting, on the phone, in every way. Develop their full potential and enter the new world of sales.

Technical Sales: The Role of the Sales Engineer

Salespeople sell the product. Developers build the product. Sales engineers bridge the gap. Sales engineering, also known as technical sales, is an in-demand and well-paid role. But many people don't know the job even exists. This course introduces the role and responsibilities of the sales engineer, along with the main concepts of technical sales. It is designed for salespeople who want to enter Silicon Valley and the engineers who want a more customer-oriented role. Instructor John Care shows how to uncover business problems, link those problems to your solution, and present it to th…

IIMBx: Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, helps businesses successfully implement strategies, practices and technolgies aimed at winning and retaining customers profitably. The objective of this business and management course is to equip you with a sound foundation of CRM concepts and best practices so you can implement CRM practices successfully for long-term profitability.
Businesses aim to win and keep customers. Their competitors also seek to do the same. Even the most successful firms, with excellent marketing programs for attracting customers, have trouble with customer…

Diploma in Sales Management

This free online sales management course will teach you about the principles, practices, and tools involved in the selling process. In this course, you will learn the importance of effective communication, business ethics, sales techniques, presentation skills, and how to understand and connect with your customers. In a business environment sales are all important, this course teaches you how to effectively sell your product or service.

Sales Techniques - Interacting with Customers

This free online Sales Techniques course from Alison will show you the professional way of interacting with customers. Selling is the process of exchanging monetary value for goods and/or services. With this course, you will learn about fundamental customer questions, the importance of body language, and the human interface. You will also study communication and presentation skills for selling. Learn to sell more by selling better, today!

Online Sales Training Program & Certification - CPSP®

This comprehensive, six-week online course provides the strategy, proven daily conditioning, and effective behavioral training that helps you create lasting success. These are the changes that will make you the best at what you do.

Certified Inside Sales Professional

When you earn the CISP, you exhibit to your prospects, colleagues, and employer that you have the critical skills and competencies required to be an effective inside sales professional.
For the CISP designation, you must demonstrate you meet the high standards set by Emblaze and its Accreditation Board.
You are assessed on your ability to:
Build a thriving network
Understand your buyers and reach them through personalized interactions
Leverage digital tools
Maximize response rates
Capture and control your prospect’s attention
Establish credibility
Make your conve…

Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

Sales is all about listening to people and prescribing a solution. In every job you'll come across sales moments, whether you're selling yourself in a job interview or selling products to customers - it's an essential skill in all career paths. Sales needn't be slimy, immoral, or complicated - it's simply about getting the best solution for the customer so they are thrilled to buy from you.
With this course you can maximise your sales potential in just a few minutes - if you're already working in sales, or looking for a lucrative and enjoyable future career, effe…

B2B Sales Masterclass: People-Focused Selling

Whether you're in B2B sales or B2C sales, something that all selling has in common is PEOPLE. I call this B2P sales because you're always selling to a person. When you start to pay attention to how PEOPLE buy, how PEOPLE make decisions, and what motivates PEOPLE to change, your sales career will take a massive step forward.
I built this course to teach you how to sell in a way that's not only better for the people you’re selling to but also better for you as the salesperson. A way that you can sell without being shady, or tricking your prospect just to secure the close. A wa…

Sales Training for High Performing Teams Specialization

This specialization is intended for sales professionals at any point in their career, whether they're just starting to apply for sales jobs or leading a global sales organization. Each course follows a sales career progression, from just getting started, to mastering sales, managing sales, and executing an overall business strategy. No matter where you are in your career, this specialization will give you a new perspective on what it's like to be a sales job seeker, individual contributor, manager, and executive.
Learners will discuss sales strategy, apply what they've lear…

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