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Hi, I'm Shanice! I am a Process Improvement Manager for Amazon (Prior to this I worked for Barclays Bank) and a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma. My experience comprises of over 5 years with proven expertise leveraged to maintain highest possible standards and deadline- driven transformations for large corporations. …

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If you no longer enjoy your job and dream of becoming a designer, let's talk! I've been there and I can show you the way and share useful resources. If you wish to become better at UI, I have many resources to share, we'll do some amazing projects together that …

$60 / month
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Are you: - An engineer actively working towards a career transition? Are you considering management? - Responsible for building/scaling an engineering team? - New to engineering management and want an external thought partner? Please reach out! Chris Bassano has spent the last five years in an Engineering Management capacity at …

$150 / month
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Greetings aspiring business leaders! 😊 Are you looking for a mentor who has a proven track record of driving successful outcomes for organizations? Look no further! With 9 years of experience mentoring Junior Program Managers at Google, I find immense joy in helping others navigate challenges that I once faced …

$120 / month
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Hello there! My tech journey took off in project and product management roles at Unisys and a United Nations agency, which laid a firm foundation for my career and kicked off my product management career. From there, I plunged into the invigorating world of startups, absorbing invaluable lessons and embracing …

$80 / month
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With over 20 years experience in marketing for start-ups, scale-ups and challenger brands, my real joy lies in helping marketers and start-up leaders develop their skills and nurture success. I believe marketing achievement lies in a combination of emotional intelligence, customer empathy and pragmatic commercialism. I can help you solve …

$230 / month
4 x Calls

With over a decade of experience in process management and improvement, I’ve honed my skills at leading companies like Volkswagen, ZF Group, and most recently, Agilent Technologies. As someone who has successfully transitioned roles and industries, from engineering to process excellence, I understand the dynamics and challenges of navigating professional …

$110 / month
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Columbus-based engineering leader with a broad range of technical experience. Passionate about setting strategic vision, mentoring and growing leaders, and helping scale early-stage startups. Graduate of Ohio University's PMBA program. Mentor for Rev1's Spring 2024 Customer to Capital Cohort Able to assist with: Performance management, team-building, public speaking, managing managers, …

$180 / month
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