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Avi Das

Staff Software Engineer / Tech Lead @ Facebook
10+ years of experience in building highly scalable e2e systems on products with billions of annual revenue
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Staff software engineer and tech lead with over 10 years of experience building platform/apis/data infrastructure and a love for teaching. I have also interviewed over 300 people for software engineering roles.

You should have me as a mentor if you are thinking about
1. how to get your first tech job
2. how to move up in your career
3. how to ace phone, whiteboard technical interviews
4. how to ace behavioral interviews

I have worked on various industries shaping the cutting edge of payments, financial data analytics, network infrastructure software and workplaces.

Professionally, I am experienced in a variety of frontend, backend and database tools including but not limited to Ruby/Rails, Python, Node.js, Rails, Postgres, Mongo/SQL/ElasticSearch and React/JavaScript/JQuery/Bootstrap for the frontend.

Programming Languages: Proficient in Rails/Ruby, JavaScript/Node, Python, Java, Bash, SQL.


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