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Avi Das

 United States of America

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Senior Software Engineer - Facebook

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Senior software engineer and architect with over 8 years of experience building platform/apis/data infrastructure and a love for teaching. I have also interviewed close to a 100 people for software engineering roles.

You should have me as a mentor if you are thinking about
1. how to get your first tech job
2. how to move up in your career
3. how to ace phone, whiteboard technical interviews
4. how to ace behavioral interviews

I have worked on various industries shaping the cutting edge of payments, financial data analytics, network infrastructure software and workplaces.

Professionally, I am experienced in a variety of frontend, backend and database tools including but not limited to Ruby/Rails, Python, Node.js, Rails, Postgres, Mongo/SQL/ElasticSearch and React/JavaScript/JQuery/Bootstrap for the frontend.

Programming Languages: Proficient in Rails/Ruby, JavaScript/Node, Python, Java, Bash, SQL.

Avi was really helpful as my mentor. He provided actionable advice and was always available and able to answer my questions as needed. He also provided a way to track our progress and stay on top of the action items we discussed via a shared document where I could still look back at the details of our conversations.

Testimonial by Jamieson from September 2020

Avi was organized and provided some great resources and tips.

Testimonial by Preeti from June 2020
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