I am a Senior Engineer at Amazon with 5+ years of experience as a software engineer with a focus on customer facing backend and platform level systems. I consider my strengths to include teaching, building scalable solutions efficiently, prioritization and learning new skills.

I've been incredibly fortunate to benefit early on in my career from a number of mentors who helped me pick up the skills and best practices needed to grow into a software engineer leader. They pushed me on projects, provided lots of feedback and shared their expertise.

Not everyone has that same kind of access to senior engineers. As a mentor I am committed to providing you that kind of feedback and advice to help you grow as an engineer and hit your goals (whatever those may be!). Whether you are just starting your career or have some experience I am available to help you write better software, become a better problem solver, get feedback on larger software projects, review code or designs, bounce ideas around or just have career related discussions.

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