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As a self-taught software engineer I can relate to how important a mentor is to developing as an engineer. A good mentor has allowed me to progress my career tremendously fast and keep it fun while at it. I specialize in Front End Engineering and JavaScript / TypeScript.

All my mentees get access to my courses for FREE. I also will send a regular resource recommendation I have used so you can stay on top of your game!

Between speaking at conferences, building courses and passive income streams, my podcast and the YouTube channel I have inadvertently mentored upwards of a million unique individuals on a large scale. I'd like to do it on a more individual scale and help you succeed!

Whether success is defined as helping you land that next big role, navigating salary negotiations, overcoming imposter syndrome, getting a side project up and running or just upping your technical skill. I look forward to us doing all of the above!

What students say

"Working with Dylan has been great, I was able to land my first full-time Software Engineer position and he provided me a roadmap for the future of my career as well."
Steven, September 2021
5 stars
"great mentor with a high level of knowledges"
Igors, April 2021
5 stars
"Good advices and good books recommendations."
Andres, March 2021
5 stars
"Very helpful"
Tom, August 2021
5 stars
"Fantastic, great for putting your career goals into perspective and providing good advice and negotiation strategy."
Warren, June 2021
5 stars
"Dylan continues to provide quality information and help through my journey of becoming a Senior Developer. This month we have focused heavily on goal setting and other side projects to make revenue outside of work. "
Alexander, November 2021
5 stars
"I have been working with Dylan for a month and one week now. My initial goal was to jump to a new job where I could grow my skills. During our first meeting, we discussed salary expectations, my experience, and my goals for this year. Dylan told me right away that with the experience I had, I should be able to land a role within 2 weeks. Although this sounded impossible to me, given that it took me a month and a half to find a new role (when I tried to look for a job before), I took his word for it. We focused heavily on my LinkedIn, Resume etc.. in the first two weeks to highlight my experience and aptitudes. Then we transitioned to applying shortly after. Dylan truly gave me the confidence to go out there and get a new job. Literally within 2 weeks of applying and interviewing, I found a job that paid me 20% more than my current salary. He encouraged me to finish up the rest of the interviews that I had lined up; to see if I could receive a new offer and within a few days, I had 2 offers that provided over a 35% increase in my salary. Dylan provides results and he provides them fast. He is able to assess your skills and give you an estimate of where you can be so long as you put in the work. I will continue to work with Dylan because my next goal is to become a Senior Engineer. Most importantly because he is a real human being who cares about his mentees, his family, and the people around him. "
Alexander, October 2021
5 stars
"Dylan is a great mentor with a lot of experience behind him. I really enjoyed his thoughtful problem-solving abilities and it was great to get such feedback on work, code, and mental health."
Chai, May 2021
5 stars
"Dylan was great and understanding! I just got back into the job market after 7 months of not programming, and he put me back on track. Dylan has a great amount of knowledge on building resumes and software engineering concepts that helped improve my skills tremendously. Within 3 weeks of applying his advice, I got myself a job with a wonderful salary. I can't thank him enough for the help that he's given."
Akia, October 2021
5 stars
"Top quiality advice!"
Carlos, June 2021
5 stars
"Dylan was a great mentor. He is the main reason I got the job. He had one simple tip which I won't reveal and that's what got me the job. Awesome guy. "
Andrej, June 2021
5 stars
"Has given a lot of great suggestions so far. Looking forward to continuing."
Rob, March 2021
5 stars
"I highly recommend Dylan as a mentor. I landed a frontend development internship when I was an absolute beginner. With Dylan's help and mentoring I was able to succeed in the internship and got offered a paid role. I couldn't have done that without his help and support."
Friderike (Frida), September 2021
5 stars


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