Francisco Depascuali

Lead Mobile Engineer @ JPG Store
Lead Mobile Developer && Backend engineer. Previously iOS at  & many more!
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Howdy, friend! I'm Depa :)

I'm a Lead Mobile Developer working with React Native, currently wokring in mobile team. I'm a senior software engineer with +9 years in iOS development and +4 years with React Native. You can expect from me honesty, proficiency and the desire to help.

There is a lot of dogma on the internet about how to do things. My approach is to build from the ground up and explain the reasoning behind abstractions (only if they are necessary). I will teach you how to think, not just give you a recipe to follow (because there is no single solution to a problem).

«For men of experience know that the thing is so, but do not know why, while the others know the ‘why’ and the cause. Hence we think also that the masterworkers in each craft are more honourable and know in a truer sense and are wiser than the manual workers, because they know the causes of the things that are done» (Aristotle, Metaphysics A1)

I've graduated as a software engineer in Argentina and performed further studies in Austria, achieving a Master's Degree in Software Engineering. I'm back at university studying philosophy (so yeah, it's not only software we can talk about!). I'm also an assistant professor at functional programming at ITBA.

I have given technical talks at Swift Meetups, led multiple teams, and mentored people through Codementor. In addition to mobile programming, I am also experienced in Python, React, and multiple other programming languages.

I have contributed to companies such as Apple, Theorem, Brubank, Wolox, AIT, Mimo, and MURAL.

Feel free to send me a message or book a session directly at

Thanks and take care!

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I've really appreciated Depa's (Francisco's) experience, knowledge of software development paradigms, and guidance on best practices. He is great at listening carefully. He has offered feedback, guidance, and additional resources for me to go further. He is professional and friendly. I quickly felt comfortable working with him. His partnership has been very energizing for pursuing my career goals!



4 out of 5 stars

Session: Work Review


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