Hey there! I'm a Software engineer from Argentina that lived in Mexico (3 years) and Austria (1 year).
I graduated from ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires) with a degree in Software Engineering and made further studies (m.s. in Software Engineering) in UAS Technikum Wien (Vienna, Austria).

Right now, I’m focused on iOS development, as I highly enjoy the UX and the challenges of building mobile apps. iOS development opened a lot of opportunities for me: I got related with the developers communities (Swift Meetup, NSConf) and gave a talk in one of them. I'm a mentor in https://www.codementor.io/franciscodepascuali and was featured mentor of the week.

My work experience in iOS include:

- Swift, Objective-C.
- Reactive (Rx) frameworks (both RxSwift and ReactiveSwift)
- Augmented Reality (ARKit), Vision and OpenCV.
- Storyboards and Autolayout (visual and programmatically).

- iOS development tools: Xcode, Instruments.

- Architectures, specially MVVM + Rx.

- Redux, JS & Typescript with React Native.

- Advanced automation using Fastlane & Bitrise.

I made an app in react native, which is now in the app store (and will son be in the google play store):

I also made a freelance react native project for an expo in which a portal was rendered in AR, letting the user go to a different dimension through the portal.

I'm really passionate about software development as a whole, as I code regularly (both for working and my own side projects). I try to combine these projects with topics in which I’m interested on. For example, I'm developing an agenda app (React Native), developed a zombie shooter (Unity and ARKit) and a twitter bot that tweets wikiquotes quotes regularly (https://twitter.com/QuoteBot17).

While living in Vienna for my last year of university, I wrote my master thesis about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was sponsored by AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology). In my thesis, I show how a computer can be trained in AI tasks with annotated data generated by itself using a 3D modelling software (Blender). I used this annotated dataset to train an object detection algorithm to detect Volkswagen cars in images and videos. Thus allowing to create arbitrarily-sized datasets that helps in situations where annotated data is scarce / not available.
The thesis was highly appreciated by AIT, and earned me an honorable mention at UAS Technikum Wien.

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