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Addy Radwan

Addy Radwan

Senior Software Engineer @ Booking.com

Addy Radwan is a professional in Functional Programming and one of our most popular mentors on MentorCruise.

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My background is as a software engineer and engineering manager in the games industry at a mix of large companies like EA and Relic (THQ) and smaller studios. I've always had a particular interest in 3D graphics and was an early backer of the Oculus Kickstarter. When I got my …

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As a software engineer with over two decades of experience, I have spent the past decade specializing in front-end development (React) and test automation. While front-end development can be a highly creative career, I have come to recognize that software engineering is an essential component of large-scale projects that is …

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Started my career as an intern in a small tech company, went to Techstars NYC and fell in love with entrepreneurship and web development. At the beginning I felt insecure, confused, misguided and alone. Today, part of my mission is to make this path easier for those walking it for …

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I'm a versatile developer with over 20 years of experience creating rich websites, video games and apps for desktop and mobile for clients large and small. I've worked both on the tech and design / product side giving me a holistic view of what makes a project successful. I have …

If you want to start a Side Hustle, ship an App or Website, or begin your Startup journey, you can count on me to help! I’m a Software Engineer with experience shipping apps with many shapes and forms: - Websites, Backend Services, and native apps on macOS, iOS and Android. …

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Hi, I am Andreas, a software engineer living in Vienna, Austria. I started my career at the of the nineties of the last century and I have been working in the tech industry for more than two decades. I speak English and German fluently so you can choose the language …

$60 / month
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Ready to level up your iOS development skills and advance in your career? Let me be your mentor on this journey. With over 7 years of experience in iOS development, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and hone my skills in this field. In …

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