I am a (not too) seasoned data scientist. I have an academic background that i used for more than 10 years on real enterprise projects. I keep doing research in my spare time in order to keep a lifelong learning mindset.
I am pretty experienced in extracting valuable information from data for many business contexts.
My actual languages are R and python. I have also experience on many traditional packages (SPSS, KXEN, etc.).
I have a huge experience teaching, coaching and mentoring both in academia and in the business world. I supervise data science master thesis, teach seminars in academia and deliver training for public and private companies.
I currently lead a Data Science team in which we deliver real projects on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and traditional Predictive Analytics.

What students say

"I am very happy with my mentorship with Raffaele. He is professional, punctual and knows his material very well."
Jacob, August 2020
5 stars
"Raffaele is a very experienced and knowledgeable professional, who is very eager to share his knowledge and upgrade his mentee's skills."
5 stars
"I have spent nearly two years of self-studying data science. The feeling I was getting nowhere was slowly putting me off the track. That is when I met Raffaele. After a few lessons, my feelings..."
Mauro, February 2021
5 stars
"Raffaele is a great mentor. He helped me a lot for the last couple of months. He knows what it takes to be a data scientist. During his coaching he forced me to put myself into a data scientist's s..."
Moe, March 2021
5 stars
"He is an amazing mentor who is patient and adapts to students' needs. I am really learning lots from the mentorship!"
Shiv, April 2020
5 stars
"Raffaele has outstanding knowledge and experience in the data science world. He taught me how to focus on the core concepts and foundations, and how to build on them. Thanks to his hands-on approac..."
Mauro, January 2021
5 stars
"I have been studying AI/ML (with a focus on entrepreneurial application) weekly with Raffaele. Raffaele is a very knowledgeable professional and a gifted teacher as well, I have always felt motivat..."
Siddharth, April 2020
5 stars
"Raffaele is not only a talented Data Scientist; he is a great teacher. He has a very clear understanding and vision of the most important areas to focus on. This guidance helped me to become much m..."
Jonathan, June 2020
5 stars

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