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Head of Data Science @ Crisma srl

5.0 stars
5.0 (38 reviews)

I am a (not too) seasoned data scientist. I have an academic background that i used for more than 10 years on real enterprise projects. I keep doing research in my spare time in order to keep a lifelong learning mindset.
I am pretty experienced in extracting valuable information from data for many business contexts.
My actual languages are R and python. I have also experience on many traditional packages (SPSS, KXEN, etc.).
I have a huge experience teaching, coaching and mentoring both in academia and in the business world. I supervise data science master thesis, teach seminars in academia and deliver training for public and private companies.
I currently lead a Data Science team in which we deliver real projects on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and traditional Predictive Analytics.

What students say

"Raffaele is an amazing mentor. He can give you real-life working situations and he does understand your needs. His experience and know-how allow him to follow you every step along the way to reach your goal. He is highly responsive and does never let you wait more than a day or two to give you feedback. I highly recommend Raffaele."
Antonio, April 2021
5 stars
"Raffaele is not only a talented Data Scientist; he is a great teacher. He has a very clear understanding and vision of the most important areas to focus on. This guidance helped me to become much more efficient in selecting the right technical skills and projects to focus on. I would highly recommend a mentorship with Raffaele for anyone interested in Data Science and Machine Learning."
Jonathan, June 2020
5 stars
"I have been studying AI/ML (with a focus on entrepreneurial application) weekly with Raffaele. Raffaele is a very knowledgeable professional and a gifted teacher as well, I have always felt motivated and intellectually stimulated in each session. AI/ML is a vast subject and Raffaele has a gift of breaking the complexity down so I just have to focus on my study plan for the week given by him and I end up learning a lot and even enjoying my assignments. I would recommend Raffaele as a mentor to anyone who is serious about getting into the field."
Siddharth, April 2020
5 stars
"I am very happy I had the opportunity to work with Raffaele for the past 2 years. I managed to advance a lot in my career, data science and machine learning skills due to Raffaele's hands on experience in real business situations. He is a very good teacher and will guide you skillfully through the learning process. I highly recommend working with Raffaele."
Djordje, June 2021
5 stars
"I am very happy with my mentorship with Raffaele. He is professional, punctual and knows his material very well."
Jacob, August 2020
5 stars
"Raffaele is a great mentor. He helped me a lot for the last couple of months. He knows what it takes to be a data scientist. During his coaching he forced me to put myself into a data scientist's shoes and answer tough questions from stakeholder. Thank you Raffaele."
Moe, March 2021
5 stars
"Raffaele has taken great interest and time in understanding my needs first so he can position himself at the right distance, giving me enough space to learn and explore and also help me effectively where I need to. I value his input and support and have developed great relationship which works both ways. "
Evangelos, May 2021
5 stars
"I have spent nearly two years of self-studying data science. The feeling I was getting nowhere was slowly putting me off the track. That is when I met Raffaele. After a few lessons, my feelings changed completely. Raffaele has outstanding knowledge and experience in the data science world. I can clearly see my progress. 100% value for money."
Mauro, February 2021
5 stars
"Raffaele has outstanding knowledge and experience in the data science world. He taught me how to focus on the core concepts and foundations, and how to build on them. Thanks to his hands-on approach and teaching skills, I can clearly see my progress and I am more confident about my chances to get into this field. Highly recommended! No buzzwords here, only tangible knowledge and teaching skills. 100% value for money."
Mauro, January 2021
5 stars
"Raffaele is a very experienced and knowledgeable professional, who is very eager to share his knowledge and upgrade his mentee's skills."
5 stars
"Raffaele has been a fantastic mentor with great listening skills and experience that goes beyond the technical mentorship I was looking for in Data Science. We were able to discuss application to the business, engagement with clients and more which helped me complement my existing skills and develop a better approach in Data Science and Analytics projects. Also, he's very personable and easy to get on with. If you have any questions reach out to him. "
Evangelos, June 2021
5 stars
"He is an amazing mentor who is patient and adapts to students' needs. I am really learning lots from the mentorship!"
Shiv, April 2020
5 stars

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