Adam Oskwarek

CMO / CPO / COO @ Spindizzy + Zopeful
United Kingdom Active this month Usually responds in a week or longer


~10 years in startups/scale-ups (B2C/B2B), ~10 years in larger orgs (B2B/Enterprise/Consulting); while also investing at early stage for ~7 years. Mentoring/coaching for about 6 years so far.

I've worn many hats across Marketing, Product and Ops. Comfortable both at early and later stages. Last role was COO + Head of Growth growing an edtech from pre-product to users in 90 countries. Prior was senior Marketing, Product & Ops (both strategy + execution) roles in various sectors inc Fintech, Proptech, SaaS & ecommerce; building a venture studio as well as founding an online marketplace in the publishing space. Currently also working on a climate science based project.

- From a marketing/growth standpoint I lean towards funnel funnel leveraging the AARRR framework combined with experimentation + data.

- From a product angle I'm all about validated learning loops, iteration and user experience.

- As an ops/people person I'm all about creating the environment for sustainable high performing/trust cultures.

- From a leadership/strategic perspective I highly value transparency, open mindedness, autonomy and clarity.

I really enjoy helping people find healthy work patterns and supporting them to do their best work in whatever environment or sector they're in.


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