Ahmed Soliman

Software Engineer II @ Yelp
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Software Engineer @ Yelp , studied computer science and engineering in German University in Cairo. Worked as a software engineer in SWVL.

in 2019 I have moved to Germany to join Zalando in Berlin as a Software Engineer in pricing and forecasting where I gained experience in working on critical data pipelines and interacting with complex business scope.

In 2021 I have joined Yelp as a platform software engineer in data infrastructure.

I am here to help you reach your software engineering goals. I have a long experience in problem solving participating in ICPC style competitions and online coding contests.

I have interviewed with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Yelp so I can help you prepare for these kind of interviews.

System design is my favorite subject and I can make you ace the SD interview.

Check out my blog: asoliman.me

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

It is a real pleasure to work with Ahmed - he is supportive, responsive and tech savvy. He does not shy away from digging into code with me, but at the same time always tries to think logically on a higher level. In addition to helping me solve very specific coding problems, Ahmed also supports me in understanding CS concepts and best practices. Finally, he is so easy to talk to and a great buddy who also encourages me in face of emotional difficulties which very so often accompany the life of software engineers :D I highly recommend him as a mentor!



Ahmed is a very responsible mentor, shared with me so much useful information which I needed, it was a pleasure to have him as my mentor.



5 out of 5 stars

I found his curated list of topics helpful to start and also, his mock interviews are a real gem. I wait every week for his feedback and the complexity of the question is such that it increases every level by level and the depth of complexity is amazing. I enjoy the HLD and LLD questions. I am following and have enhanced after following up on the coding interviews. Thanks Ahmed.



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