Alexandra (Gurita) Mihai

Senior UX/Product Designer @ UiPath

Hey there 👋 I'm Alexandra and I'm a Senior Product Designer working at UiPath, designing user experiences for one of the world's most popular tools for automation management.

For the past two years, I've been involved in education, mentoring over 40 students, advocating for accessibility, design ethics, and collaboration between designers and engineers. Recently, I was chosen as one of the top ten design mentors in EMEA by ADPlist 💪

As your mentor, I can help you with:
- Getting for a new job when you'll rock your CV and portfolio
- Build your design brand, prepare for interviews, resume and LinkedIn profile
- Prepare for whiteboard challenges and take-home exercises
- Create a comprehensive portfolio and case study presentation
- Gain more knowledge about a design subject and you need some guidance,
- Have some design work going on and you'd like a second opinion
- Curious about design education, you'd like to pursue a bachelor/master in this domain

As my mentee, we'll do a mix of calls and exercises, and I'll be there to guide you on your journey, hands-on. We'll have an initial call to get to know each other better and from there, I'll create a structured plan for you. The introductory call is always free to make sure my mentorship is the right fit.


A little bit about me:
I'm an award-winning designer with nearly a decade of experience in this field. My expertise ranges from developing complex web products to conducting user research and developing strategies for products that require a touch of AI. 💫

In my other time:
• I conduct Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research & write research papers 👩‍🔬
• I host community meetups, talk/run workshops 💁‍♀️ (about design ethics, accessibility and user research)
• Part-time teacher on collaboration between designers and engineers
• Collaborator at AIxDesign
• Publish articles at AIxDesign, UX Planet or UXCollective 📄


More about me, my process and what I do you can find on my website or on my Medium profile

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