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CEO @ Gravitas Infinitum
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Allen is fortunate to have managed a wealth of businesses in; finance, technology, startup, innovation, strategy, sales, and marketing experience. He has an impressive track record of managing budgets in excess of $3 billion P&L and $14 billion CAPEX/OPEX, as well as consulting for Fortune 1000 companies and generating contracts worth over $25 billion.

Allen's expertise extends beyond traditional business sectors, with experience advising organizations such as the US Navy, Department of Education, Nucor Steel, Boeing, Bank of America, Disney, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Department of Defense, Hertz Corp., and many others. This experience has been applied to the deployment of global-scale infrastructure projects for various government entities in record time.

His accolades include receiving the 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld Award for outstanding achievement and design, successfully creating and exiting several startup companies, implementing multiple investment funds, managing over 50 M&A deals, and designing technology platforms in Healthcare and Technology Transfer Licenses.

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