Ambroise Dhenain

Président @ Propulseo
Co-Founder / CTO 🎓 | Co-Founder 🚀 | Co-CTO, Mentor, Instructor
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I have a passion for programming, and another passion for teaching.

I love to teach people and help them grow. I currently have 2 mentees to whom I teach programming (beginner level) outside of MentorCruise.

All my mentees get access to a Community Discord server, where we discuss best-practices, provide help and share useful resources. It also serves as a way to get quick advices/support, outside of planned weekly checkpoints.

As CTO of a small startup (3-7 people), I do a lot of things that aren't programming-related. Such as GDPR/DPO, product design, legal, cyber-security, strategy, recruiting, HR, analytics, SEO, internal organization...

I also take a small part in everything else to ensure my associates/collaborators have proper tools to do their job best. (sales, communication, marketing, support, etc.)

I'm a really organised individual, as such I also oversee processes and workflows in the company and I ensure communication between parties goes well.

I love solving problems, whether they're mine or other's.

As a developer/engineer, I do about everything from conception to development to monitoring of production applications. I'm responsible for all my company's technical stack and products.

My preferred tech stack is the "JamStack", basically "Static websites on steroids" and that's why my preferred framework is Next.js, because it allows both static pages and dynamic pages and APIs within the same app. It's the most flexible framework (all programming languages confounded) to build websites, as it allows the developer to choose whether to serve content in a static or dynamic way, per page.

If you're looking for a passionate who explains to you not only "how to" do something, but "why do it" in the first place, you're at the right door!

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