Carolina Rocha

Sr. Community Specialist @ Fortis Games
10+ Years in Communication/Marketing / Women in Tech Awards 2020
Portugal Active last month Usually responds in a day or two


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For ongoing projects, immediate goals and regular support. For feedback, tracking and flexibility.

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Who am I?
- Unique expertise across Europe and through Global500 companies and startups. Focused on Marketing, Community, and the creative and tech sectors.
- Portuguese Women in Tech Awards 2020 winner in 'Marketing & Sales'.
- A storyteller at heart: using dialogue and experiences to aim for growth, innovation, and inclusivity.

I believe in empowerment, resilience, and empathy.
Who You Are:
- Curious and ready to make your mark. You might be navigating the early stages of your career or looking to pivot into another area.
- You're seeking guidance, a genuine connection, strategic advice, and practical steps to achieve your best self.

My mission:
- To demystify career challenges for everyone, including women and underrepresented groups.
What I offer:
- Personalized support, practical advice, and strategic guidance, all aimed at helping you navigate your professional journey.

My Approach:
- Focus on storytelling, open dialogue, and sharing insights and experiences.
- Practical and goals-driven.
- Empower you to overcome obstacles, achieve your ambitions, and carve your path.

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