Charlotte Tao

Chief Product Officer @ Trusli
10+ years of experience in technical product management and data science
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I'm here to help you grow and be successful in your PM career. Do not hesitate to each out if you are interested in becoming a PM in machine learning.

- I'm an experienced product manager and mentor with a unique background in building machine learning products.
- Before becoming the Chief Product Officer and co-founder at Trusli, I spent 4 years as a data scientist in Salesforce and Uber where I launched multiple automated analytics pipelines. Later on, I transitioned to technical product management with various self-driving car teams, including Zoox and Lyft Level 5.
- I launched complex machine learning products while filing 9 US patents, such as simulation platforms for self-driving cars, data security, high-definition mapping, sensor localization, and computer vision.
- I was a top PM Interviewer and mentor at Lyft and genuinely want to share my knowledge and help others grow as a PM.

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