Charlotte Tao

Chief Product Officer @ Trusli
10+ years of experience in technical product management and data science
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I'm Charlotte, a tech enthusiast with a deep passion for generative AI and autonomous vehicles. I'm here to help you thrive in your product management career, especially if you're keen on diving into the world of AI.

- Seasoned PM and data scientist: My career took off in data science at Salesforce and Uber, but my fascination with AI led me to spearhead self-driving car product teams at Zoox and Lyft. Now, I'm running my own startup Trusli, an LLM-powered enterprise solution that automates contract negotiation.

- Inventor and thought leader: I have been granted multiple US patents in areas including large language models, simulation platforms, high-definition mapping, and computer vision.

- Dedicated mentor: As a top interviewer and mentor at Lyft, I'm committed to sharing my knowledge and experience to help you grow as a PM.

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