Cléa Lautrey

Head of UX Design @ PropTech Startup
10+ years of experience in UX, Design & Research
Switzerland Active last month


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Hey there, I'm an experienced UX Design leader in a PropTech startup with 10+ years of expertise in UX, Design, and Research.

While UX has been a red thread throughout my career, it has been my sole focus in recent years. My superpower? Create, maintain and scale products and their design systems. From UX research for a top live chat app, to product design for a complex POS interface, to UX leadership of a growing PropTech startup. Today, I hire, mentor and grow UX teams while driving design excellence in product teams. I look forward to answering your questions and guiding you to achieving your goals!

We'll be a good fit if you're seeking to:
✦ advance or pivot in your career
✦ become more data-driven
✦ improve your design skills
✦ shine in job interviews
✦ beat imposter syndrome
✦ solve complex problems

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