David Garcia Lopez

Engineering Manager @ Koa Health
20+ years as a Software Engineer and 3+ as a Manager
Spain Active last week


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Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by computers. I vividly remember playing LOGO and Prince of Persia at school and feeling like working with computers was my calling.

After completing high school, I enrolled in a Vocational Course where I improved my skills as a Technician and started my first professional working practices writing my first professional programs. This was the way for my first job as a Software Engineer.

While working as a Software Engineer, I pursued a degree in Computer Science at the UNI in Barcelona. During my studies, I worked for several companies, including a startup where I developed web and desktop applications, was a DB administrator, and worked on low-level SO for integrated IP monitors. I then moved on to work for a law firm where I led a team of four and developed complex plugins for Microsoft Office to automate documentation.

Afterwards, I decided to move to Bristol in the UK to improve my English and gain international experience. During my five-year stay in Bristol, I worked for several companies, including a couple of law firms, where I introduced Scrum, OOP, SOLID, TDD, and other best practices, and an e-commerce company where I helped deliver a new version of their app.

My last company in the UK was Just Eat, where I worked for two years. I was part of the Invoicing team, where I developed and ran a system to pay restaurants across eight different countries weekly. The system handled over 20 million euros every week.

After having children, my family and I decided to move back to BCN, where I currently work for Alpha/Koa. I started as part of the moonshot factory from Telefonica, where I worked in the health, specifically mental health, division. Over time, we transformed into a proper start-up with different investors. I led a team of 5 to 10 people, and we developed various mental health apps, ran medical trials, and put the apps into production.

As part of my role, I worked with different departments, including Design, Product, Data, DevOps, Regulated, and Cyber, to create the app. I developed new processes to merge the teams, and some of my team members were promoted due to my leadership.

I am now looking for a new challenge where I can continue to learn, grow, and share my experiences with others.

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