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I offer career coaching, mentoring, job interview preparation, mock interviews, and résumé reviews. I can help to improve your communication skills, both verbal and written. I’ve acted as a business mentor and career coach for over 10 years, at first alongside my day-job in sales at Amazon, and more recently as an independent business coach. I love helping people to develop new skills and to advance their careers.

From 2012-2022 I worked for Amazon, both as a Hiring Manager and as a senior Amazon Bar Raiser, interviewing over 500 candidates, mentoring new Bar Raisers through their BR training, and delivering training sessions to hundreds of Amazon employees. (What's a Bar Raiser, anyway?

Alongside my coaching, I have 26 years’ sales experience as a Principal Account Manager and Sales Leader at big tech companies including Cisco, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. I won many of AWS’s early, strategically important contracts with UK public sector organizations, delivering 955% revenue growth over 5 years from 2013 to 2018.

I left Amazon in 2022 and now work as a freelance coach and consultant.

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