Eliz Fikret

UX Designer @ Bizzdesign
A UX Designer/Researcher with a Master's in HCI
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Hey there!
I am a UX professional with 5+ years of experience designing digital products and a Master's degree in HCI. I am also the founder of a small design agency.

Very early on during collage I managed to secure part-time jobs within design and I have been working since. I have a good idea of what hiring teams look for when selecting candidates and I have hired myself.

I worked for a SaaS company for 4 years and I introduced UX to the company and had to setup a design system from scratch as well as establish usability testing and user research practices.

Later on in my career I acquired a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on AI. I can help you decide if higher education is the right path for you and what you can expect there.

I am passionate about UX and am excited to teach and help new designers worldwide.
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