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Elliot Evans

Senior Consultant @ Ensono Digital
Nearly a decade of Web Development experience | Specialise in Typescript, React, Testing
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I am a Senior Consultant based in the Midlands with 9 years of Web Development experience from small startups to large corporate companies and more.

In the last several companies I have taught junior and mid-level developers new skills and ways of working to help their own personal growth. In addition, I also speak across the UK to share my knowledge of skills and practices.

My passion for Web Development is in Front-end where I have used Unit and Component testing to significant effect with and without a Test Driven Development model. As well as testing I follow clean code and fast interactions that enable me to deliver high-quality code and I cannot wait to teach the way I work to you.

Lastly, I have had several senior positions at a variety of companies with a 100% success rate. I would like to translate those experiences and preparation to enable others to succeed in interviews and CV content to progress to the next point in their career.

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