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Gaby Turner

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Through real life project work, discussion topics, canvases and feedback, I work with mentees who want to take an active, structured approach to developing their skills.

I'm an experienced content strategist and mentor, and I've spent the last 15 years working on major brands, large corporate migration projects and website redesigns at the UN, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Three, Harvard Business Publishing, Deloitte and more. In these content projects I've led activities spanning content and UX audits, taxonomy redesign, user testing, systems integration and editorial rewrites. As a website Editor in Chief, I've led content operations across four departments and managed BAU projects in 14 languages, as well as being a certified Scrum Master, leading prioritisation and delivery activities.

But more interestingly, in my time at major global corporations, I've navigated sticky situations and difficult people with a kind and collaborative approach. I've worked with the most difficult, evasive and resistant subject experts and turned them into advocates for my projects.

I've also trained staff in writing, productivity, automation and project management skills to fast-track their daily work, identify growth areas and accelerate their career path. Creating top-notch style guides, mastering Jira and hacking Excel to handle bulk content like a pro? Check. Rethinking resumes, cover letters and doing deep introspective work to truly understand your strengths and weaknesses? Check.

I take career growth seriously and believe firmly in the value of investing in yourself.

So if you're looking for guidance in your content practice, soft skills, or career development, maybe I can help you too.

(Please note: I am not an expert in social media, blogging or marketing content strategy. I can advise on content creation and SEO, but marketing content strategy is not my main area of focus.)

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