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Jeffrey Lee-Chan

Software Engineering Manager @ Snap
15+ years of FAANG experience in engineering leadership
United States of America 5.0 (2 reviews) Active this week


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Veteran software engineering manager and hands-on tech lead with 15+ years of experience. I’ve played a critical role on key teams at Snap and YouTube/Google.

I currently lead teams for Growth Notifications, Activity Center, Countdowns, Communities, and Profiles at Snap with ~40 engineers in my scope of influence with 20 managed directly and others from adjacent teams/orgs. My areas add XX% additional DAU and engagement across Snap’s ecosystem.

Business / Product
-I built or was a founding member of the following teams at Snap and YouTube:
Growth Notifications: key DAU and engagement lever at Snap and YouTube
-YouTube Partnership Program program: enables creators to build a career on YouTube and generates XX% of company revenue
-YouTube’s ContentID program: essential to giving original media creators revenue share and avoiding copyright violations.

-I have coached dozens of engineers in leveling up their careers and landing promotions. I have hired and built world class teams at Snap and YouTube/Google.
-The members of the Snap notifications team were hired by me
-At YouTube I was a founding member of the notifications and partnership programs team and trained and mentored the majority of the engineers and two of my managers.

-I am a full stack engineer and have built large scale distributed systems, high performance mobile client features and frameworks, and web applications. I’ve written significant portions of the tech stack on all of my teams at YouTube when I was an individual contributor.
-Scaled primary metrics of my teams by 10x or more
-Areas: Distributed systems, Mobile Client, Desktop, Notifications, Growth Engineering, Partnerships

-Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science Major) graduated with Distinction, 2008
-University of Waterloo

-Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest, 99th percentile, 2003
-Euclid Mathematics Contest, 97th percentile, 2003

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5 out of 5 stars

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1 month

The prospect of building a tool seemed both exciting and daunting. I have no software development skills but have a lot of experience in marketing and advertising. That's where Jeff came in, helping me navigate this new challenge. At the start, I wasn't sure if I could really do this because I knew only a little about software development. But Jeff was encouraging and knew how to make things simple for me. He could simplify complex tech ideas into something I could understand. No matter when I needed help, Jeff was there to guide me through each step, making sure I was keeping up. He helped me piece together my project from understanding what I needed to do, who to hire, how to manage developers and how to design it well. It was challenging, but Jeff's practical tasks and clear explanations helped me apply what I was learning directly to building the tool. There were moments when I felt overwhelmed and considered stopping. However, Jeff was always a supportive mentor. He encouraged me to think like a problem solver, which really helped me push through the tough times. The tool I built with Jeff's help is finally live. It represents not just a functional product but my growth in a new field. I'm looking forward to improving it further, using the foundations he helped me build. For anyone new to tech, having a mentor like Jeff ca be transformative. It’s about more than learning new skills; it’s about building confidence and learning to tackle challenges head-on. I started with experience in marketing and now, thanks to Jeff, I’ve turned that into a successful venture into technology.



5 out of 5 stars


I had a short 30 minute session with Jeffrey (resume review). With this short time he was able to produce many valuable tips and comments, and add some good advice on top of that, which in total gave me tremendous value. I intend to seek Jeffrey’s help in the future, because every minute talking with him is worth spending (both in time and monetary).

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