Juan Fairstein
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Head of Growth @ Tiendanube

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I had to work in journalism, copywriting, social media, e-commerce and digital marketing to end up finding my place in the combination, coordination and management of all of them.

I'm a digital marketing manager focused on inbound marketing, content marketing and growth marketing (are they even different things at all? Let's find out together ;) and have 10+ years of experience helping companies achieve their digital revenue goals. I developed e-commerce and digital marketing areas from scratch in four different companies, recruiting all the staff needed, creating workflows and coordinating teams.

I'm an Argentinian living in Mexico and I'm currently Head of Growth at Tiendanube (Nuvemshop in Brazil), the biggest e-commerce platform/CMS of Latin America (we could have sessions in Spanish, English or Portuguese, as you prefer).

As a mentor, I can both help you with the development of all of the hard skills required to grow in the digital marketing space and also with the more strategical side of career development or management challenges.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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