Hi, I'm Kerry. I like to create. I have a passion for creating products and tools for solving real-world problems for individuals and businesses. I love helping other creators solve problems effectively and efficiently. I a full-stack software engineer currently working at Microsoft leading front-end engineering for my team in the Intune organization. I am an early adopter of TypeScript, Ionic Framework, NestJS (I wrote a book on it https://ultimatecourses.com/ebooks/nestjs-restful-crud-api) and began working often in Remix. I design and implement scalable architecture patterns in TypeScript (NestJS/NodeJS, Ionic, React/Angular) and C#, and I deploy to scalable, resilient infrastructure (serverless cloud technologies, event-driven architecture). I have led full-stack engineering teams for years and love helping others achieve new heights and reach their goal.

I've been a tech lead for most of my career so upskilling developers has been a big part of my job for the better part of a decade, so I will basically be taking what I do there and helping people outside of the workplace. What this means in practice is that I will be available to you in a few capacities:

1. As an instructor - I lay out projects and tasks that you can work on throughout the week and we can catch up to review your work. Typically, I like to do this in a realistic way by having you come up with a side-project product that you find exciting, and together we will think through it and architect together for you to execute.

2. As a technical advisor - If you are working on a project already but need someone with experience to guide your technical decisions, I'm here to share my expertise and guidance. Whether that's talking through tech and tool trade-offs, providing product design feedback, providing business plan feedback, or providing whatever else you need some help with.

3. As a career advisor/sounding board - If you're looking to make a jump into a new segment of engineering (backend-focused to front-end, front-end to fullstack, etc) or looking for ways to land a better job, I can help guide you to building and landing job opportunities through helping out with job hunting, personal branding guidance, resume review, and sample interviews.

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