Kevin Tran

Lead Software Developer @ Integrated Inc
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Hi there!

I'm a software developer with 10+ years building software. Among of many programming languages I have used, I really enjoy using Typescript and Ruby. There are many reasons to choose one technology over the others, but the main reason I like these 2 is that the community is really open for anyone.

Software development isn't just about writing code but also involves working with people.
My fortune to work with many good developers around the world. Although the goal may sound the same, the approach could be totally different. I always have things to learn from them. My main courage in becoming a mentor in Mentor Cruise is to help you to sharpen your skill and write high-quality products.

I look forward to talking with everyone!

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5 out of 5 stars

I had a great session with Kevin. I have been working with Ruby for some time, but have several areas, where I want to improve. Kevin was very helpful in getting a better understanding of Ruby and of the code I am writing. I will definitely book more sessions with him.



5 out of 5 stars

Kevin is pretty awesome and fantastic at explaining concepts if you are ever stuck on anything !



Thank You for your help!

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