Landon Vago-Hughes

Cofounder & CPO of Fuse
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Perfect for those who... only have an idea have a product but no users ready to raise

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Founder of Fuse (YC W19, $4MN+ raised from Justin Kan, Paul Graham, Paul Bucheit and many more investors)

Grew Fuse to over 50,000 users when it was B2C and signed over 15 contracts including 2 enterprise when focusing on B2B within the first 6 months.

Got into YC 1st try after 2 months of graduating college
Featured on Techcrunch
Our app received Appstores App of the Day twice
Raised $4MN+ from VC’s including Paul Graham, Justin Kan and Paul Bucheit.

Things I advise on:
- Applying and getting into YCombinator
- App idea validation
- Consumer Acquisition B2C and B2B
- App Onboarding Optimization + Consumer psychology
- B2B Lead generation strategies
- Turning leads into demos
- Customer retention
- Facebook/Google Ad strategies
- Fundraising strategy
- Product design

My program is perfect is you are:
1. Looking for an idea and need help finding one
2. You have an idea and need help validating it
3. You have built out your idea but need to find customers
4. You want help brainstorming week to week issues that you might be facing as a founder
5. You have revenue or customers and are ready to raise money from either VC's, Angels or YCombinator

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