Lucas da Costa

Founder & Sr. Software Engineer
Senior engineer, founder, published author, and contributor to testing libraries you use every day
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I'm a founder, senior software engineer, published author, and professional problem-solver. Now, after having lived in London for five years, I'm building my own startup remotely from Brazil, my home country.

As an engineer, I've written many libraries that you have probably already used, like Chai.js and Sinon.js, and have contributed to many others, like Jest.

My experience with so many testing tools led me to write "Testing JavaScript Applications," a book published by Manning, and whose reviews you can read here:

My blog (, which features some of my best writing, is often on HackerNews' front page, so you probably have already seen it. Some of its content is used as reference material by universities, like the Vancouver Island University, and online courses, such as the Boucoup Modern & Future JavaScript Course.

I have been voluntarily translated into many languages, including Russian, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

As a speaker, I have presented talks in more than ten countries. I've spoken at events such as O'Reilly's Fluent Conf in San Jose - CA, JSConf Colombia, HolyJS (both in Moscow and St. Petersburg), NebraskaJS, TheConf São Paulo, DevFest Nantes, FrontEnd United Utrecht, CityJSConf London, and many others.

If you're looking to follow a similar career path, whether that's engineering products users love, getting better at testing, writing, or public speaking, I'm the mentor for you.

PS: If you love VIM and want mentorship to make your life in the terminal more comfortable, I'll give you an extra monthly call. I've done it before (

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