Mitchell Wong

Technical Product Manager @ T-Mobile
Product Magician with over $10MM in Value Delivered
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I am a product manager and product owner working in multiple facets of the technology industry. With six Agile products successfully spearheaded from concept to delivery, as well as 40 major enhancements released subsequent to the delivery of my MVPs, my products have created over $10MM in value and continue to bear fruit.

I have been blessed to have had the privilege of making an impact in a variety of domains including:
• finance
• e-commerce
• digital
• insurance
• healthcare
• IT
• big data
... and much more.

I leverage my comprehensive experience to understand and address business problems in innovative ways. Whether the problems concern business strategy, algorithms, or data wrangling, my logical problem solving skills combined with leadership and clear communication consistently results in high impact outcomes that are optimally designed for continuous improvement.

Last but not least, I am very passionate about lifting prospective and current product/project professionals in their career. I ran a project management mentorship program for 3 years before passing the torch and loved every moment of it. After graduating from my program, my mentees have gone on to attain careers at:
• Deloitte
• Tableau
• Reforge
• The Government of British Columbia
• and even their own start ups!

Whether my mentees need career guidance, inspiration, or life advice, I'm excited to help them grow no matter what stage in life they are in.

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I was laid off in July 2022 and have been applying for jobs since without avail. I couldn't even get a call back from jobs I applied for. Mitchell helped me reposition my brand, completely re-engineer my pitch, and not only has that helped me get call backs, but I've made it to the final stages of interviews multiple times (only to be beat by those with those 3-4x years of experience, but that's a fault of my own that I just need more practice on, which Mitchell has been of immense help with). In the 1.5 months I've been mentored by Mitchell, I feel like I've grown more than I have in the past 1.5 years! I would not hesitate to recommend Mitchell as a mentor and career coach.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Mitchell is an exceptional technical product manager who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field. His expertise has been invaluable in helping me navigate the product management space. His ability to break down complex concepts into simple terms has been incredibly helpful for me to understand the product development process. One of the things that have impressed me the most about Mitchell is his unwavering commitment to his my growth. He has gone above and beyond to provide me with constructive feedback, encouragement, and guidance in my job search. He has been patient with me throughout the process and always willing to answer any questions I had, no matter how small or insignificant.

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