Molood Ceccarelli

Remote Work Strategist | Business Coach | CEO @ Remote Forever™
Top 10 remote influencer with Agile Coaching & Digital Marketing expertise and a passion for business
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With more than 15 years of experience leading remote and hybrid teams in various industries, a passion for psychology and travel and a love for business, I'm here to help you overcome your challenges and make your career and business dreams come true.

I'm the founder and CEO of Remote Forever™, a company that provides leadership training, career development opportunities, workshops and consulting for remote agile businesses and empowers entrepreneurs to create future-proof scalable businesses with remote employees. I also created the first and by far biggest online summit on remote work in agile that has been attracting over 10k people every year since 2016.

I have been featured in places such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc as well as Scrum Alliance and Shiftup and have been named amongst the top 2 remote work innovators in 2021 and 2022. If you care about certifications I have a long list of them in agile practices and project management but the one I think helps the most in my work as a coach and mentor is neurolinguistic programming, professional coaching and perhaps my certifications that I received after attending all the classes taught by THE rich dad himself (from the rich dad, poor dad book) before he retired from offering live classes.

I'm also a very empathetic person and can sense the energy of people even via an online connection. I also have a sharp eye for detecting growth opportunities in people and businesses.

My clients have been in various industries such as Telecom, Fintech, Entertainment, Gaming, Fashion, SaaS, Insurance as well as Machine Learning and AI.

Book me and talk to me about not only your challenges but and also your dream for the future of your life, your career and your business. Let's work on them together and make your dreams come true.

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