Nicole Chin

Head of Marketing Technology @ Mindvalley
10+ years in management, digital and technology
Malaysia Active 8 months ago


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An all-rounder by design, I have led several marketing teams in acquisition, engagement and retention for venture-led startups and leading global e-commerce platforms.

Prior to my defining move to digital, I started my career in strategy consulting for a boutique management consulting firm based in Oxford and Kuala Lumpur.

An active member of the Reforge community. Also part of the Reforge Alumni Fall 2019 (Growth Series) and 2021 (Advanced Growth Strategy, Marketing Strategy & Product Leadership)

In my recent years I have leaned in closer towards Product and Technology from Marketing, eventually paving the way to a division that holds large stakes in all core functions of a technology company: Marketing, UIUX, Data, Product, Customer Experience and Engineering.

The most important value to me is Integrity. Thus, my style of communication is direct, straight-forward and upfront. Throughout my career I have coached and mentored many professionally and personally; just as I have been fortunate enough to have experienced stellar mentorship by a few who have changed the trajectory of my life and career today.



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