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Pablo Edgar

Solutions Architect @ AWS
Career Development | Enhance Interpersonal Skills
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Hello! 👋 Nice to meet you, and thanks for dropping by my profile. I'm Pablo, a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As a Solutions Architect, I lead technical sales conversations with customers, regularly interacting with C-Suite executives and corporate decision makers. My role is diverse and requires me to utilize a wide variety of technical, interpersonal, and other interdisciplinary knowledge gained from my career on a daily basis.

I understand the challenges that early-career individuals face in navigating internships and jobs. I'm always happy to provide honest advice based on personal experiences and lessons learned.

I can provide:

- General career development advice
- Advice on improving business soft skills, presenting skills, and leadership qualities
- Advice on career changes

If one of these topics are of interest to you, reach out! I'm here to help and look forward to meeting. Feel free to send me a message regarding your goals for our session, and I'll make sure we are a good fit before starting.

NOTE: I do not represent Amazon. My views are my own and not of the company. I do not advise on Amazon/AWS interviews or topics specifically. I provide guidance based on personal experiences, but I cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Individuals should use their own judgment when applying any advice I offer.

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