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Prathamesh D.

UX AI Interaction Design Lead @ Oracle
8+ years of experience in User experience
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What is User Experience Concept of UXTrends in UXWhat is User Interaction Mental Model.

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Having worked in the design sector for more than 8 years, I possess the ability to harness the power of design to transcend the realms of imagination and bring innovative concepts to life. My approach to project design consistently revolves around crafting meaningful experiences that cater to the needs of both B2B and B2C organizations. This involves a deep understanding of user behavior coupled with a keen focus on achieving business objectives. As a UI/UX Designer, I have collaborated with over 35 stakeholders from diverse industries, all guided by the principles of Human-Centered Design.
I firmly believe that every challenge presents an opportunity to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of a product through imaginative and creative problem-solving. My process encompasses the meticulous examination of User Flows, Wireframes, Visual Mock-ups, and Prototypes to pave the way for intuitive user experiences. Throughout this journey, I maintain a visionary and creative perspective, fostering innovation in every aspect. I place great emphasis on thorough research, imaginative thinking, and rigorous user-testing to inform decisions regarding both the core and enhanced functionalities and features of digital products.

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