Ritendra Datta

Senior Director of Engineering @ Databricks
Software engineering experience at all levels from L4 to L9 across Google, Facebook, Databricks.
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I've worked at Google, Facebook. and Databricks building teams and products in the AI/ML, Search and Recommendation, leading/managing anywhere from 2 to 200 person teams. At the same time, I have a very active life outside work, so I'm a strong advocate for work-life harmony.

I love mentoring and guiding engineers, PMs, TPMs, data scientists, etc. My strength is in leadership coaching and mentoring, solving difficult organizational and inter-personal situations, interviewing for broad technical and people skills, and bringing clarity to foundational theories of AL/ML and Statistics.

I've mentored 100+ and have encountered a sizable variety of situations and circumstances. At the same time, there's so much I don't know. What I do have to offer is an attentive pair of ears, empathy, and an environment for collective brainstorming.

Note: If you are looking for someone to teach your machine learning, give you regular tutoring and hands-on exercises, I am not the right person; I don't have time to prepare hands-on exercises and such.

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