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Hey there 👋! I'm a long-time SDE passionate about mentoring. I've mentored dozens of mentees (both officially and unofficially) and guided orgs of up to 100 people in growing their skills as engineers. I'm also a former Amazon Bar Raiser with 300+ interviews and can help you master the interview process at Amazon and other FAANG companies.

My most popular mentorships fall in two categories:
1. Technical and career mentorship for software engineers.
2. Interview preparation for Amazon and other FAANG companies.

I can also tailor mentorships to your specific needs.

Technical and career mentorship for software engineers
I can support your ongoing professional growth and career development goals. I can help you with designing greenfield projects, learning legacy systems, leveraging AWS technologies, OpEx best practices, and just general coding. I can also guide you in your career choices, assist you in navigating promotions and help you maximize your impact and visibility.

Interview preparation for Amazon and other FAANG companies.
Together, we'll work on:

- Understanding the key steps to passing the Amazon SDE interview (for L4, L5 and L6 engineers)
- Preparing and practicing for in-person interviews
- Focusing on the 3 pillars of interviews:

1. Understanding Amazon Leadership Principles and behavioral questions. These are the keys for success for SDEs, SDMs, TPMs and other roles
2. Technical fundamentals for nailing the coding interview.
3. The blueprint for creating robust system designs in 30 minutes.

About me
For 9 years, I worked at Amazon as a Senior Software Engineer. Throughout my tenure, I worked in various areas including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Logistics.

I have extensive mentorship experience from giving guidance to orgs of 60-100 people to one on one mentorship of engineers of all levels (from college new hires to senior engineers).

I was also an Amazon Bar Raiser - a single-threaded leader in the Amazon interview process. Moreover, I've performed over 300 interviews for various roles including SDE, SDM and TPM. I have a deep understanding of the interview process and have taught and mentored other interviewers as well as other Bar Raisers.

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Roman really helped me improve my system design interview skills. For years I've been struggling with this interview, but with his mentoring I've managed to pass a bunch of these interviews and get offers. Highly recommended!



5 out of 5 stars

Roman is without a doubt an expect in interviewing and software development. He helped me identify key areas I'm lacking at to consistently clear interviews at the SDE 3 level and provides me with insightful tips every time we meet



5 out of 5 stars

Amazing mentor, really hands on and is extremely engaged in my coaching process. He asks a ton of well thought questions that help advance my learning. Highly recommend Roman

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