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Harry O'Connor

Harry O'Connor

Founder @ multiple digital agencies

Harry O'Connor is a professional in Development and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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Scrum, Kanban, Safe, Scrumban, Basecamp... The list goes on and on! No fear! I'm here to help you make sense of it all and guide you through the pros and cons of each agile methodology! I can help you implement the appropriate framework and you and your team will be โ€ฆ

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I am a founding Partner at Springboard Health Angels, and early stage investment syndicate with a focus on Digital Health. I have gone through 1000s of decks, while building my portfolio of more than 10 investments so far, experiencing the ups and downs in the process. From the corporate angle, โ€ฆ

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I really believe in artistic side of clean code. I am passionate about everything concerns designing system architectures. I am a Full Remote Software Engineer, fast learner, and enthusiastic about new technologies/programming languages/frameworks/methodologies. I studied at Universitร  di Salerno, where I received a full formation in Computer Science and a โ€ฆ

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Programming is hard. Don't waste time learning it alone. As my mentee Chris put it: โžค โ€œThe sessions with Jascha have been more valuable than eight weeks of my professor's lectures โ€” It's money much better spent!โ€ My resumรฉ: - 30+ years coding experience - 20+ coding languages self-taught - โ€ฆ

$170 / month
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Experienced Serial Entrepreneur (Risum, Seed, Koala, Kwalรซo & CraftsCovered) now working with Founders & Start-Uppers to pass on my expertise and Scouting potential investments for some of the world's best Venture Capital funds & Angel Investors. I work on everything from accountability, strategy advice, priority setting, Fundraising, career positioning for โ€ฆ

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Teaching Python is what I do. I've been consulting in Python & Django since 2010. Since 2015 I've focused primarily on corporate training with a focus on Python & Django.

$199 / month
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Ready to grow in your career? I can mentor you to achieve it! I usually help developers to understand what their boss expects from them, set goals, create a career plan, get promoted, perform well, be the employee all the companies are looking for and deliver results/projects. I had my โ€ฆ

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Strategic Brand Manager with eight years of international experience in brand positioning and activation. Worked on both agency and corporate sides to create and execute global company brand strategies. High-performing leader who facilitates critical business directions and implements consistency cross-functionally and cross-culturally. Currently available for consulting engagements.

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