I am a software design enthusiast and a passionate engineer experienced in delivering simple elegant solutions to complex ambiguous problems. Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon where over the last 9 years I've worked in various areas including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Alexa and Amazon Logistics.

I have extensive mentorship experience from giving guidance to orgs of 60-100 people to one on one mentorship of engineers of all levels (from college new hires to senior engineers). I can help you with designing greenfield projects, learning legacy systems, leveraging AWS technologies, OpEx best practices and just general coding. I can also help you with career questions and how you can maximize your impact and visibility.

In addition, I can provide guidance on interview preparation and what it takes to get into FAANG companies. I'm currently an Amazon Bar Raiser with over 300 interviews. I have a deep understanding of the interview process and regularly teach and mentor other interviewers as well as other Bar Raisers.

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