Searsha Sadek

Founder & Chief Product Officer @ Shimmr AI
Startup/Scale-up - Sales, Marketing, Product and Growth & Strategy
United Kingdom Active 10 months ago


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🤔 Are you looking to kick off or grow your startup?
🤔 Do you want to fast-track your career, or make a change?
🤔 Are you in tech, SaaS or advertising?

My areas of experience are:
🌱 Entrepreneurship, from zero to getting revenues
🧠 Strategy, making a solid plan to get you where you need to go
📈 Sales, from Enterprise to SMB - pitching, managing meetings and messaging
⚙️ Marketing, in sales-led or product-led environments, including lead gen and PLG approaches
💰 Fundraising, from idea level at pre-seed to Series A
💪 Management & Leadership, building a high-performance team and leading from the front - and mentorship

I've had broad experience across departments in start up and scale ups, both in leadership and doing the work myself. I'll get into the trenches with you, lending support and practical help - getting you to reach your goals.

We'll do well together if you need:

🔎 Someone to help you solve a problem - in a strategy, a product, in a channel, with a person. I think problems through structurally and empathetically, and will work with you to find the strongest solution.

⚾ To perfect your pitch - whether it's for a customer, internal team or investor, we'll create an argument and accompanying deck that will get you the outcome you need.

🚀 Support in launching your business - I've launched three start ups (2 x B2B & 1 x B2C), and have been around the block. I will help you prioritise what matters, and cover maximum ground in the highest-value areas.

🏗️ To create an approach - a strategic issue, a project or a new tactic in your department. I think creatively and take my wide experience to apply it to your area to build something strong, together.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Navigating people - if that's managing a team, dealing with a challenging person or recruiting the best person for the role. I've hired and managed big teams, keeping them working harmoniously together towards a shared goal.

One of my core values is learning endlessly, so I love mentoring as it facilitates new connections and shared experiences. If you're ready to take your career to the next level, I'm ready too. 🤝

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