Vadim Nazarov

2x Founder, VC, CEO – Biotech, Deeptech @ ImmunoMind (Berkeley SkyDeck)
5+ years of experience in startups fundraising and business strategy
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Fundraising and Strategy for Deeptech & Biotech startups.

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"Your advice on a pitch deck and strategy was the best advice I have ever received – and I finished three startup accelerators" – a favorite feedback on my mentorship from a friendly health startup founder.

Why me? – I uniquely combine three perspectives to give a no-bullshit and actionable result:
1) Investor: I know what investors want from startups and how they make decisions.
I have 2+ years of extensive due diligence experience on Deeptech / Biotech startups in one of the best startup accelerators in the world (Berkeley SkyDeck);

2) Founder: I know how hard it is to build and scale a startup when there is chaos everywhere and a constant lack of resources (and energy). I built two startups from scratch as a cofounder (ImmunoMind and Tensorpad);

3) Advisor: I know common mistakes startups make and can recognize them in 1-2 sessions. I have been mentoring others for 2+ years and I made the same mistakes myself.

– Serial founder, Deeptech and Biotech startup executive: ImmunoMind (CEO, current role) and Tensorpad (Chief AI Officer / Chief Product Officer);
– Built products used by three Top 5 Big Pharma and four Top 10 US universities. My products helped researchers develop novel immunotherapies;
– Interdisciplinary founder: tech, business, science. My focus today is mostly on business, but I’ve done everything: from CustDev / product / development to sales / financial modeling / business strategy and fundraising.
– MSc, PhD cand. in CS.
– Ex-senior scientist and group leader with 800+ scientific citations in AI and T-cell immunology;
– Advisor and startup mentor on strategy and fundraising for 2+ years, previously – mentor for scientists for 5+ years.

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