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Wisen Tanasa

Fractional CTO
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I have 8 years+ of tech leadership and 13 years+ of product delivery experience. I focus on helping first-time senior engineers/tech leads level up both their tech and soft skills, so that they succeed as well-rounded individuals. The price I set is an early promotional for the first-ever mentee from MentorCruise, so lock it while you can.

A mentorship session with me will begin with a review of your career, skills, and goals. From there on, you can come up with specific challenges you'd like to discuss, or we will discuss the steps and skills to achieve your goals.

You can see some of the testimonials I have in my LinkedIn profile.

My technical expertise is in evidence-based capabilities such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Trunk-based development, TDD, Lean processes, Evolutionary architecture, etc. In addition to that, the soft skills I often cover are communication, influencing, time management, intentional hiring, and effective learning skills.

These are a few highlights of what I've done throughout my career to help provide you with diverse input:
- Shipped and led teams in startups, charities, and big enterprises (ThoughtWorks, NHS, Just Eat, Expedia, Experian, Founders Pledge, Upmo).
- My writings have been mentioned in major publications (ZDNet, InfoQ, MartinFowler, InfoWorld, etc).
- Created an open-source framework that got listed in ThoughtWorks Radar.

I look forward to helping you grow!

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

Working with Wisen has been a pleasure. He is incredibly knowledgeable as a Tech Lead. His understanding and expertise are clearly evident in every interaction. His empathetic approach towards addressing my concerns was truly commendable. He is not just a good listener, but someone who genuinely understands and respects your perspective. The exercises he recommends are insightful and effective, providing much-needed clarity. What's more, the tasks he assigns are well-crafted and tailored to my needs, significantly aiding in making progress towards my goals and desired outcomes. An example of Wisen helping me gain more clarity was a more recent discussion we had. At my current role, there are many things to do and learn. Technical and non-Technical areas to look into. He didn't just tell me what I needed to do. We went through an exercise together and Wisen asked really good questions to get me to think and helped me distill my thoughts with me. By doing this, it allowed me to help me form my own opinion and bring to light what I considered important and excited to move forward with.His willingness to share his own experiences adds a personal and relatable touch to his guidance. All in all, Wisen is a true professional who brings a unique blend of empathy, knowledge, and personal insight to the table. I really enjoy our meet ups.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

Wisen is a world class mentor. He's extremely knowledgeable. He's great at helping prioritize and execute against the areas of highest impact. He's kind and empathetic. I can't recommend him highly enough.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

Wisen has a great quality of presence in the coaching sessions. He is a great listener and is able to spot areas of improvement. He brings his years of software development experience and working with teams. His insights on both interpersonal relationships - working with others as well as intrapersonal relationships i.e. handling difficult emotions at work have been useful to me.

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