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Building habits to work towards your goals is hard. Our mentors are specialized in getting you there and that investment is paying off! MentorCruise mentees are 6x more likely to reach their goals (compared to the 8% average1) and achieve their goals 4x quicker than anticipated!
Tom Ray
"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

- Tom Ray, a React mentee.


How Clara grew as a developer, combining self-study with expert feedback

Self-teaching, experience from a coding bootcamp and an internship was not enough to give Clara the confidence to go after a full-time developer position. In the search to work up on the skill gaps, she found MentorCruise and with Sandrina a mentor that was finally able to give her that last push.

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“A boost of fresh air and new ideas”

At MentorCruise, we love to hear stories from our mentees. We try to keep in touch with them throughout their time with us to know about all good and bad things they encounter. Mentees will talk about their experience with us, and we are happy to share it!

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My mentor helps me think like a Senior Developer

Daniel has walked a long path to arrive in tech. Originally part of the finance industry, he’s had to pivot his career by 180 degrees when the greatest recession in his country hit and left him looking for a new purpose. Here’s how his passion for building websites led him into tech and how one of our mentors helped him reach the next level!

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"My mentor was a game-changer for me"

Peyton was a logistics analyst for the Department of Defense for over four years. After a deployment to Afghanistan, he realized that this wasn’t what truly fulfilled him longterm and after a few steps back at home, he was looking to get into Tech. How Peyton took full use of a new mentorship platform, and evolved himself into a talented Full-Stack Developer.

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From Professional Basketball to Cybersecurity

For close to a decade, Ryan Wilson was a professional basketball player all around Europe. After a long career on the court – last at the Manchester Giants – the now-retired player had to look into his future career prospects, and found a new passion in hacking and cybersecurity. How he made the switch, and how a MentorCruise mentor helped him with that.

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