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I've been in tech sales for over 14 years. First as an AE, Sales Manager, and Sales Coach at companies including Evernote, HubSpot, and Outreach, and currently as a Strategist at Salesloft where I help our largest accounts (Verizon, Office Depot, Cloudflare, and others) to refine and streamline how they โ€ฆ

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Iโ€™m a product design and development engineering manager with 30 years experience. I've worked in automotive product design for 25 years - including fifteen years as a Research and Development management. Five years in consumer product development. 20 years designing and developing cameras - fifteen in automotive applications and five โ€ฆ

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John Rodrigues is a Senior Product Designer with 7 years of experience. Currently working at JPMorgan Chase on B2B products, he previously served as Product Designer Lead at Citi Bank. He was also recognized as a Top 10 mentor on ADPList, having mentored more than 250+ Designers. He successfully ran โ€ฆ

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๐Ÿš€ Ready to elevate your tech career to align with your dreams and purpose? Discovering the right path in tech can be daunting. If you're seeking to align your career or business with your personal values and aspirations, let's explore that journey together. I'm Gry Stene, and I've navigated these โ€ฆ

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Hello, I'm Hugo. With over a quarter-century immersed in marketing, product innovation, and strategy, I've been at the heart of transformative growth for tech startups. My journey includes spearheading Unbabel's marketing through a 10x growth phase and leading Product Marketing at PandaDoc to double its impact. These experiences are more โ€ฆ

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Been there, done that! Sometimes, having the right person in your corner can bring out the best in you. Beyond my monthly mentorship, I also offer one-off sessions for 1-on-1 calls, interview preparation, or resume and cover letter feedback. Here's what you can expect: - Helping my mentees establish SMART โ€ฆ

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My forte is creating significant growth in online and technology-based corporations and start-up ventures. Throughout my career, I have won many awards and worn multiple hats, serving as an investor, CEO, CMO and general dogsbody. My expertise lies in assembling, leading, and managing talented, competitive, and innovative teams from start-up โ€ฆ

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As a Solution-Focused Coach, I focus on helping multi-passionate high performers, leaders and entrepreneurs to craft the future of their choice and navigate with ease their path towards it. Coaching is advice and judgement-free zone so we will partner in the coaching sessions to * understand what you want * โ€ฆ

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