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How to nail an interview

Interviews are a necessary evil to get a job or internship, and knowing how to nail them is a prerequisite for standing out. If you don’t prepare well, they can be very stressful. Lack of or incorrect preparation leads to low self-confidence and nervousness that could limit your chances of earning the dream job or internship. So it’s best to be over-prepared for them.

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“A boost of fresh air and new ideas”

At MentorCruise, we love to hear stories from our mentees. We try to keep in touch with them throughout their time with us to know about all good and bad things they encounter. Mentees will talk about their experience with us, and we are happy to share it!

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How to improve your frontend coding skills

It’s easy to get stuck in tutorials hell. We tend to overuse one learning source and burn out quickly. I described more ways to improve as a Developer, let’s go through them and sum up an example plan to make sure you have fun while learning.

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How to get an internship

In many cases, when starting or changing careers, it can be a good idea to look for internships to experience daily life in a job, make first industry connections, and get hands-on experience in a topic.

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Sharath Kumar Dhamodaran – Meet the Mentors

Sharath joined MentorCruise almost a year ago with the intention to pay it forward. He knows the power and potentially life-changing influence of a powerful mentor and that shows – today, Sharath is one of our top mentors and holds the ‘coach’ status, an exclusive badge for our very best.

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One stop to learn about object detectors

Object detection is a computer vision technique that combines Image classification and object localization, draws a bounding box around each object of interest in an image or video, and assigns them a class label obtained from Image classification.

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Don't know what to major in? Here are some tips and ideas to find your path.

Don’t know what to major in? The tug-of-war between doing what you love vs. what gets you paid probably sits at the top of your list of things to consider.

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How to get into tech without learning code

Technology is undoubtedly shaping the future. It’s arguably one of the most challenging, inspiring, and dynamic industries in the world. With record-level employment opportunities, salaries nearly double that of the national median wage, and an economic output representing 10% of America’s total economy, landing a job in tech is like striking gold.

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How to make a career change at 40

Making a midlife career change can be exciting yet terrifying, but nothing’s worse than feeling stuck in the wrong career. At 40, you are probably nearly two decades into your career field.

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